The Mattamy Difference

We are always flattered whenever homeowners tell us that a Mattamy community looks and feels different than other places they've lived. We think our home designs have a lot to do with that. From the moment you turn onto a Mattamy street, you'll come face to face with a diverse selection of architecture. You'll also notice inviting front porches and homes with large windows---lots and lots of them so the interior is bright and cheerful. Inside the home, we do everything we can to keep the space open and organic. We use kitchen islands and media centers in the Family Room to serve as natural gathering places. We keep everything in its place. For example, fireplaces are tucked away so they don't intrude into a room. Attention to detail is what sets a Mattamy home apart. We offer homeowners a great deal of choice because we believe that a home should reflect a homeowner's style, not ours.

At Mattamy Homes, we value each and every customer relationship whether you are purchasing your first or your fifth home from us. We continuously refine what we do to ensure that every home we deliver is the best it can be.

We are fully committed to each and every homeowner's needs. Throughout the building process we stay in constant communication with our homeowners so that they are always aware of the progression of their homes. Whenever possible we hold Mattamy University sessions to keep the whole neighborhood educated and informed. Further, we schedule a frame walk so you can see where plugs, light switches and other rough-ins are being installed. We continue to follow up long after homeowners have moved in. There are many steps in the building of your new home and we will take each step with you.

Each homeowner receives a Mattamy Homeowner's Manual which is a veritable encyclopedia of everything you need to know about your home including an overview of the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems in your home and other important information.

Our Design Centres provide an extensive selection of items to help create a stunning home interior. You will have a scheduled appointment with our Design Consultants and these experts will guide you through the many choices available in order to properly coordinate your home finishings and individualize your new home.

We want you to always be a Mattamy customer and we stand behind everything we do.

Why Buy a Mattamy Home

Why Buy A Mattamy Home

We are completely committed to planning, designing and constructing the best homes we can possibly build whether it's a townhome or a large, detached home filled with designer options.

We are driven entirely by the wants, needs and preferences of our customers. Before each new community is launched and before we design our homes, we undertake a very active listening campaign through market research. Consumer feedback is closely integrated into how we design our homes, what we put into them and how we design the community. To our way of thinking, it's not about houses, it's about people.

We make sure we have superb local tradespeople to build our homes and we are continually looking at innovative designs and products to ensure our homes are modern, stylish and convenient so you'll feel right at home.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We want to make sure that your next home will be a Mattamy home and that no matter how many times you buy a new home, you will always consider us. While we try to excel at our community plans and home designs, our true measurement of success is that our customers remain completely satisfied with us at every stage of the home building process.

In order to ensure that this happens, we monitor our performance every step of the way. Through an extensive survey process, we continually receive feedback from our customers. This allows us to be reactive throughout the process - not just at the end. We also follow up after occupancy to make sure that the completed home is to your satisfaction.

Above all else, we commit to delivering a home that will exceed your expectations. In our view, no matter what you buy, your home should be your castle. That's our commitment to you.

Attention To Detail

Attention to Detail

Our home building approach is to start from the outside and work our way inside as we take everything into account, beginning from curb appeal to the comfort, feel and function of the house on the inside. With that in mind, we strive to develop interior and exterior features that reflect today's lifestyles.

Exteriors - A Mattamy home is instantly recognizable. There are a number of elements that combine to create a look that is unique, distinct and friendly. Design combined with superb construction creates an exterior that distinguishes itself and reflects individuality.

Interiors - Inside we start with a sense of space. We want traffic to flow easily from place to place while creating airiness. This starts with a great design and is complemented with a large diversity in standard finishes and ornamental features. Every home creates a distinct interior environment with a place for everything and plenty of room to stretch out.

What 'home' means to us - 'Home' is a simple word with a thousand complexities. Our job is to master all those complexities. The better we are at it, the better our homes will be. We treat what we do with great importance because 'home' is where everyone longs to be.