Senior Staff Accountant
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Get to know Anna

Anna started at Mattamy as an Operations Accountant in 2016, a year before being promoted to Staff Accountant for our US Head Office. In June 2022, Anna transferred to the Orlando Division where she is currently a member of the divisional finance team as a Senior Staff Accountant. In her role, Anna performs general cost accounting duties and maintains financial records for the division. She is also working towards getting an accounting degree with the assistance of Mattamy’s Tuition Reimbursement Program.

What does a typical morning at work look like for you?

7:00 am
I always start my day with a moment of gratitude and prayer because it keeps me grounded. It's something that I do every morning and have been for many years.


8:00 am
Once I arrive at work, I look over my emails and calendar to prep for my day. It's quieter in the office in the mornings, so I take advantage of that time to get in the right mindset and prepare for my day.


9:00 am
After that, I typically work on my daily tasks, which vary based on the time of month or year. Usually, I prepare and organize financial transactions to help meet reporting deadlines.


10:00 am
Sometimes, I collaborate with stakeholders from other departments  if we are working on any special projects . For these projects, I usually support by preparing monthly balance sheets, organizing income statements and setting up new accounts.


What drew you to your career path?

I was actually introduced to accounting during the economic downturn in 2008. I worked as an administrator for a general contractor, but when the downturn occurred in 2008, they asked me to stay and join their accounting team. I started as an accounts payable specialist and gained more exposure over the years before landing a role at Mattamy Homes as an Operations Accountant.

How has Mattamy played a role in helping you grow professionally?

Mattamy has given me most of my experience and growth in my accounting career. I'm a little bit of a unicorn, as I didn't have a degree when I was hired. However, I was able to take advantage of Mattamy's generous Tuition Reimbursement Program to help me gain the education I needed to go along with my professional experience.

How would you describe Mattamy’s culture?

I would say that Mattamy is flexible and has a very collaborative and supportive environment. If I had to pick one word, I would say it's an autonomous culture. Employees have the space to be creative and use their strategic thinking in their day-to-day tasks. Plus, Mattamy's benefits are unparalleled, and it's super rewarding. It's a wonderful company, and once you're here, you'll stay awhile.

Tell us about an experience where you felt ownership over your work or a project.

I don't know that I necessarily have a specific project because, to be honest with you, I feel a sense of ownership in all my tasks. Having that privilege empowers me to make decisions and forces me to be a strategic thinker, which helps me manage my projects daily. It's fulfilling knowing that the company values my ideas.

What excites you the most about your future at Mattamy?

Mattamy has already done so much in helping me achieve my education and career goals, and I look forward to continued growth and advancement opportunities that come my way. I enjoy being involved in all aspects of the business and working across all departments in our division and our corporate team, and I see nothing but a bright future for myself at Mattamy.

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