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Get to know Saj

Saj started at Mattamy as a Service Desk Analyst for Mattamy’s IT team in 2014. Since then, Saj has gone on to work as an End User Computing (EUC) Analyst and become a Service Desk Team Lead. Today, Saj is the IT Service Desk Manager, leading a team of Service Desk and End User Computing Analysts who are responsible for providing technical support to Mattamy employees across our North American operations.

What does a typical morning at work look like for you?

7:30 am
I start my mornings by outlining my schedule for the day. I always look at my emails and calendar the night before so that I can plan out the rest of my day in the morning. 


8:00 am
After, I have a daily meeting with the team to see how they're doing and if any issues need to be discussed.


9:00 am
After checking in with my team, I look at the main queue of IT requests that have come in from employees to see if there are any items that require my immediate attention. Depending on the complexity of the problem, it can take up a good portion of my morning.


11:00 am
Throughout the day, I meet with team members to discuss certain projects we might be working on or work with them on complex problems that require a deeper investigation. This can include anything from troubleshooting account issues, setting up user passwords, account provisions, user onboarding and offboarding and maintaining software installations and updates.

How has your career evolved at Mattamy?

I believe my success can be attributed to my passion for learning and growing my skillset throughout my time here. After working as a Service Desk Analyst, I went on to End User Computing (EUC), where I helped set up the IT infrastructure that allows us to securely manage information on multiple computer systems and applications. After that, I became a team lead until my current role as manager.

How would you describe Mattamy’s culture?

I would describe it as my second home. It's where I get to meet and communicate with great people from different cultures and backgrounds. The people here are very friendly, and you can feel confident that your colleagues and managers are here to support you. Every day, I'm learning something new, and using those skills to assist the business is exciting for me.

What skills does someone need to succeed on Mattamy's IT team?

To succeed in IT, you have to be interested in learning new things. We live in a digital era where technology constantly changes, and it’s our job  to stay on top of those changes. You need to be able to understand and be comfortable utilizing both new and old technology to help solve problems. There are many subcategories to IT, so my advice would be to explore them all to see what you like, then become an expert at it!

What do you enjoy most about managing Mattamy’s Service Desk team?

The collaboration with my colleagues is my favourite part. I have a diverse team who are different ages and have unique skillsets, so I value their input. Listening to their feedback on how we can optimize our processes gives me an extra edge in making sure things are running as efficiently as possible. I’m always learning something from my team, and I hope they learn as much from me.  

What excites you about Mattamy’s future in the homebuilding industry?

I’m excited to see what new technology and innovations Mattamy will bring to  our customers. Mattamy has taken incredibly innovative ideas and transformed them into something physical. For example, we are providing homeowners with the tools they need to live more eco-friendly, such as infrastructure for solar energy, home automation and SMART technology. We offer our customers the perfect home options so they can live comfortably, and I’m incredibly proud of that. Eventually, I want to see the Mattamy Homes sign wherever I walk.

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