Sustainability Manager
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Get to know Will

Will started his career at Mattamy in 2021 in the Warranty department before transitioning into his current role as a Sustainability Manager. Today, Will manages and develops sustainability strategies for our Southeast Florida Division, including reducing waste from our construction sites and ensuring on-site activities adhere to sustainability best practices.

What does a typical morning at work look like for you?

8:00 am
When I come into the office, the first thing I like to do is greet my team. Then, I meet with the Director of Purchasing to review the day's schedule and our purchasing dashboard. I finish the hour by reviewing any extra purchase orders (EPOs) to validate the materials needed for construction and make necessary changes.


9:00 am
Around this time, I set a plan before going on-site. Once in the field, I start walking around the site to identify potential cost savings and waste reduction areas. I typically visit four different sites in a week.


10:00 am
I spend a good portion of the morning analyzing dumpster content and construction waste and counting materials for homes under construction to verify the amount needed for a project. Once I collect my data, I review it with the Director of Purchasing so we can develop a plan of action to move forward.

11:00 am
Throughout the day, I interact with various Mattamy team members and trade partners to better understand processes and help identify areas where we can reduce material and waste.


What was it about your current career path that drew you to it?

I started at Mattamy in 2021 with the Warranty department. When the role of Sustainability Manager was created for the Southeast Florida Division, I was excited to match my experience with my passion. I want to make a difference everyday that I go to work, and I believe my role now allows me to do that.

What inspires you about Mattamy’s commitment to sustainability?

As a company, Mattamy is committed to reducing our environmental impact in all areas — land development, homebuilding, and in our offices, which inspires me. I am grateful to work for a company that cares and wants to give back to the community.

What are some initiatives you have been involved in through your role at Mattamy?

I was involved with an initiative for waste reduction at our construction sites. We have successfully implemented a recycling program that recycles up to 70% of construction debris from our sites, including concrete and lumber. As of 2022, we have kept more than 2,000 tons per quarter out of our landfills. We are constantly working to find creative ways to improve these numbers daily.

What do you enjoy most about being a Sustainability Manager?

This role allows me to make a difference and inspire others to do the same. It feels good knowing what I do every day can result in significant and impactful changes. I enjoy finding ways to help sustain the environment for future generations, and I'm proud to be at the forefront of creating opportunities for Mattamy to lower its environmental impact.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in our industry or in your area of expertise?

This type of role is new, and many people don't understand what it is or how impactful it can be. I would tell those interested in starting a career in our industry not to be afraid. When you are uncomfortable, that is when the most growth happens. Use your skills to branch out and do something new. You might discover a new passion!  

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