Innovation and Sustainability

For more than 40 years, we've continually strived to bring leading-edge innovation and sustainability solutions to our homeowners.

The Future is Brighter

Our industry is poised for tremendous innovation. From developing better building home envelopes, to leveraging smart home technology that provides ongoing and optimized efficiencies, our future communities will be just that: the future. And with this future in mind, we continually strive to define what the new home and community model will be through collaborative partnerships that bring value to our shared goal of building the homes of tomorrow.
Woman using smart thermostat installed on white hallway wall inside her home

Built-In Smart Technology

Across North America, we've introduced smart technology systems in our homes. The Ecobee smart thermostat is now a standard feature, helping homeowners reduce their energy consumption and save an average of 23% on their bills. Additionally, a curated selection of integrated smart home technology, such as video doorbells, digital wall pads, smart lighting and more, is available in select communities.


Green amenities, happy homeowners

Another way to think green is to build green. Our master-planned communities are skillfully designed with amenities that make our future homeowners’ lives better — including green spaces, parks and trail systems that add welcome splashes of green color, provide cool shade, encourage exploration and promote activity. This, in addition to the natural wetlands and forests we preserve, adds more open outdoor spaces into homeowners' daily lives and maintains that all-important sense of belonging in and around nature.

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Mattamy Homes launches Green Team

To continue our efforts toward sustainability, we have recently assembled a Green Team comprised of team members from all divisions of Mattamy Home USA. Each division has a Sustainability Manager to evaluate construction, waste and recycling processes through a green lens.

We’re already reviewing day-to-day practices across our business, from construction sites to New Home Galleries and furnished model homes. Together, we will explore many opportunities to save energy, reduce waste and choose sustainable building materials in both the short and the long term — fulfilling our corporate challenge to think and act greener.