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Ever since Mattamy was founded 45 years ago, our company has cared deeply about our employees, customers and partners, the communities we create and the world around us. We have been on our sustainability journey for a long time, celebrating many milestones along the way. We are pleased and proud to announce that we’ve achieved another one – the publishing of Mattamy’s inaugural Sustainability Report.


Our first annual Report is the story of our sustainability goals, commitments and progress. It features:


• Executive messaging and introductory content

• Our approach to materiality

• Overview of our sustainability pillars

• Performance data


Sprinkled throughout are a number of “case studies” – these are the specific stories of the amazing and inspirational work our team members are doing, from geothermal initiatives to biodiversity support to diversity & inclusion, and much more.


We are committed to leading our industry in sustainability and embedding it into everything we do, most significantly working to reduce and eventually eliminate greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business. We look forward to continuing to track and report on our progress in achieving our sustainability goals, and to helping our industry and society deal with the impact of climate change.

"This year our sustainability journey has been all about integration – from integrating sustainability into our core values, to hiring team members into key positions with a focus on waste and greenhouse gas reductions, to collecting and collating great ideas and initiatives from every division. Sustainability has been incorporated into our company in a truly transformative way."


Luke Gilgan


Mattamy Sustainability Board Committee

A Message from our Founder

"It’s been said that we are the first generation with the tools and technology to do something about climate change and the last generation that can. That’s a message I take to heart, as a founder and as a father and grandfather."


Peter Gilgan

Chairman, CEO & CSO

Mattamy Asset Management


Executive Statement on Sustainability

"We are on a journey with clear milestones … and a clear goal: to help the world achieve Net Zero emissions. … It is a journey defined by challenge and continuous improvement because, at Mattamy, we believe we can always do better."


Brad Carr, CEO Mattamy Homes Canada (left)

Keith Bass, CEO Mattamy Homes U.S. (right)

Developing Communities. Building History.

Strategic Sustainability Pillars

Mattamy’s strategic sustainability pillars were shaped by our commitment to being a sustainability leader in our industry. As one of North America’s largest homebuilders, we acknowledge our obligation to operate in a way that minimizes our environmental impact, including reducing GHG emissions associated with our activities and contributing to the fight against climate change. As a leader, we will share our insights and achievements with our peers and do our best to support their sustainability initiatives. At the same time, we will continue to work to build a culture defined by transparency, accountability and inclusivity, and a constant focus on having a positive impact on our team members, homebuyers, homeowners and communities.

Case Studies

Orlando Sustainability Division Session with people gathered around a board and posting sticky notes on it with the words "Low Effort, Medium Effort and High Effort" on one site.


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Building Sustainable Futures Today: The Mattamy Way

Case Study 1

2023 Sustainability Report