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Mattamy Homes strives to provide the best homeowner experience that continues after purchasing your home. Should assistance be needed from a routine warranty question to a matter that might be more pressing, please see below.

Emergency support

In the event you experience any of the defined emergencies listed below, please contact our trade partner immediately. 

What constitutes an emergency?
• Gas leak
• Roof leak
• Total loss of power
• Total loss of air conditioning or heating
• Total loss of water, plumbing leak or stoppage

Should the emergency occur during our normal business hours (8:00am - 4:30pm), contact our team via the applicable phone numbers below.

Should the emergency occur after hours, our team will respond the following business day.


In the event of a gas leak

Should you experience a gas leak, we ask that you leave your home immediately and call the gas service provider from outside of the home.

Should you determine that it is not a leak coming from your gas line, contact your HVAC contractor instead. 

Please use your discretion as to whether the potential leak requires a call to 911 emergency services.


In the event of a roof leak

If your roof leaks, please contact your roofing vendor located on the Emergency Sticker and Mattamy Homes immediately. Please note that we will not be able to send a contractor until the weather allows. Please make every effort to minimize damage to surrounding household items as well as place containers to help capture any water when possible.


In the event of electricity power loss

Should you experience a total loss of power during after-hours or on the weekend, please check the electrical panel to ensure that a breaker has not tripped. We ask that you also check with your utility provider to ensure that your area has not experienced a loss of power.

If you still do not have power, please contact your electrical contractor on your Emergency Sticker.


In the event of total heat or A/C loss

If you lose either heating or air conditioning on all air conditioning units, we ask that you please contact the Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractor as listed on your Emergency Sticker.


In the event of a plumbing issue

In case of a leak, shut the water off at the closest source. If the leak continues, locate your home’s main water shutoff valve and turn it to the OFF position. Contact the plumber as listed on the Emergency Sticker immediately. 

In case of total loss of water pressure, check your water meter box in your yard to ensure that it is not turned off. If the meter is turned off, contact your local water service provider to ask if service has been temporarily interrupted.

In case of a whole house sewer stoppage, or a waste line backing up into your home, contact the plumbing contractor listed on your Emergency Sticker. Discontinue any use of facilities or drains.

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