Senior Land Analyst
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Get to know Braden

With his family’s background in homebuilding, Braden always knew he wanted to be involved in the industry one way or another – and Braden was right. In November 2016, Braden joined the Mattamy family as a Staff Accountant. While in this role, Braden began to grow a deeper interest in the land development and acquisition process. Knowing his analytical background and interest in land, his leaders helped him transition into a Land Analyst role. Two years later, Braden was promoted to Senior Land Analyst.

What does a typical morning at work look like for you?

8:00 am
Every morning I have a meeting with the land team where we discuss the status and progress of our active and upcoming communities. This meeting includes all members of the division’s land team along with our Division President. We’ll discuss project updates as well as any concerns from stakeholders, customers or vendors that arise during or after land development. We have a running list of these critical items and conduct a roundtable table discussion for each, moving down the list item by item, community by community. 


9:00 am
After our land meeting, I’m diving into my emails and checking the status of competitor communities in proximity to parcels of land that we are interested in purchasing. I’m familiarizing myself with nearby competitor communities, paying attention to sales pace (the average number of sales per month), pricing (how much each floor plan costs), development status (how many phases of development there are, when they opened and when the next phase is going to start), the number of homes left to sell in the community and the amenities the nearby community offers. If there are any increases in sales pace or pricing, I take special note of this as it could have a positive or negative implication on the underwriting for a new community we are researching or developing.


10:00 am
After I’m caught up on my emails, I’ll switch to creating or updating proformas for potential new land acquisitions. Proforma is just a fancy word for saying standardized excel tool. I’ll research and determine what we anticipate the revenue (sales price, lot premiums, option revenue) and costs (earthworks, landscaping, fencing, roads, community amenities, etc.) would be for a specific land purchase. The proforma ultimately shows the financial impact the new acquisition would have on the company if it’s purchased and developed.


11:00 am
I’m taking a slurp of my second coffee and either continuing to work on the various land budgets or I’m touching base with external stakeholders on zoning, land use status or outstanding land permits for our next upcoming community.  

What attracted you to Mattamy Homes?

I was first attracted to Mattamy because of the company’s great reputation for providing exceptional and competitive benefits to their employees, including ample vacation time, even for new hires.  

What does success look like as a Senior Land Analyst?

As a Senior Land Analyst you are ultimately assessed by the new acquisitions you bring into the division. You’re aiming to underwrite the deal successfully and affordably to set up the construction teams so they can build a great product for our customers, at a marketable price. The goal is to find good pieces of land, in great locations, develop the land affordably, show that our product will be successful in that market and in turn, drive high margins. This means you have to be able to organize and manage your time effectively, have a strong understanding of Microsoft Excel, an ability to adapt to new software, an interest in research, not to mention strong communication skills as you’re working with internal and external teams to get the land purchased and developed. A background in finance is also helpful as you are working with a lot of data and financial metrics.

What is your favorite part of being a Senior Land Analyst?

My favorite part is the connectivity you have to each department within the Division. You are in a unique position that allows you to see the whole picture, gaining rare insight into the life of a community from the very beginning all the way to the end. You also get the chance to build relationships both within and outside the company.

What has been your biggest lesson learned?

My biggest lesson learned so far is that the Mattamy team is always here to support me. If I’m at all hesitant about my ability to complete a task or project, I know that I can count on having the resources and team members I need, when I need it. The people at Mattamy are one of a kind – always ready to answer questions, brainstorm or teach you something new. But most importantly, they are invested in your success just as much as they are invested in the company’s success. 

What characteristics does someone need to be successful at Mattamy?

Willingness to be a team player, self-motivation and determination. One of the great things about Mattamy’s culture is that leaders will give you the space you need to thrive in your own environment. Micro-management is not part of the culture here and you are expected to complete your responsibilities at the pace that works best for you.

What’s one word you’d use to describe Mattamy?

Steadfast. Because the Mattamy team is consistently focused and dedicated on accomplishing our values and goals as an organization, and we always find a way to get it done the Mattamy Way.  

What has been your most meaningful experience since joining?

My most meaningful experience has been watching the company culture evolve over the years. Year after year, goals are set to increase positivity and inclusiveness throughout the organization. And year after year, these goals are exceeded. These attributes are continuously embraced by all and it’s visible to not only our internal team members but our trade partners and homeowners too. It has been great to watch Mattamy’s reputation blossom as a leader within our community.  

What advice would you give to a new hire?

Be yourself and be comfortable with who you are personally and professionally and allow your best attributes to shine through your work. If you can do this, success is sure to follow. Also, never be afraid to accept new responsibilities and challenge yourself. If you’re able to do that, your career will continue to grow and you’ll get the recognition you deserve. 

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