Jenna wearing a white hardhat with Mattamy logo on it while chatting with a male employee in a home under construction

Get to know Jenna

Jenna first joined Mattamy Homes in 2016 as an Assistant Builder in our Ottawa Division. In 2018, Jenna was promoted to Builder. In her role, Jenna is responsible for overseeing the development of one of Mattamy’s growing communities.

What does a typical morning at work look like for you?

6:45 am
When I arrive at my community, I’ll make a list for my Labourers and New Home Technicians of the tasks I need them to complete that day. I will then check in with my Assistant Builder to go over inspections (pre-delivery, framewalk, city) that are scheduled that day to ensure the right paperwork has been uploaded as well as to organize which inspections I need to book the following day. 


7:30 am
I’m heading to my Mattamy truck to drive the site, checking on the progress of each of my homes. 


8:00 am
I walk through each of my homes that have an upcoming pre-delivery inspection (PDI) or closing scheduled either that day or the next. I am making sure my New Home Technicians are at each of the homes, the trades have completed their assigned tasks and the homes are clean, painted and ready for my homeowner’s eyes. 


9:00 am 
Once I’ve looked at the homes that are up for inspection in the next 48 hours, I’ll start walking the rest of my homes. This usually takes a few hours. I’m walking through every room of every home, comparing the progress of each home to my schedule to make sure we are on time. I’m also taking notes of anything that still needs to be done to build my list for the Labourers and New Home Technicians for the following day. If there are any deficiencies I see or trades that haven’t showed up, I’ll send an email or call the appropriate foreman. While I’m walking the site, I’ll also have team members ask me questions or bring up any issues they are facing so we can brainstorm together. 


11:00 am
Once I’ve done a thorough walkthrough of all my homes under construction, I’ll check back in at the homes that have inspections, going through our checklist to make sure everything is completed to Mattamy’s standards. When the new homeowners arrive for their appointment, I’ll introduce myself and make sure they are happy with the progress of their new home. I’ll then go over my to do list from my morning site walk, contact the trades I need support from and get in touch with the electrician on what units I’ll have ready for wiring this week.


What attracted you to Mattamy Homes?

The grand scale of the company. I liked the growth opportunities that are available at Mattamy and how much I could learn with the large quantity of homes that are built by our team every year. 

What does success look like as a Builder?

Success as a Builder is when you put the finishing touches on a new home, and you can’t wait to present that space to the homeowners. You feel proud of the work you and your team were able to accomplish because the home is exactly as the homeowners imagined. There’s nothing like it. 

What is your favourite part of being a Builder?

I love seeing all of the progress being completed on our homes each day. I also enjoy building relationships with our trade partners and homeowners. 

What has been your biggest lesson learned?

Your paperwork should always be your primary source of information. It’s your responsibility as a Builder to make sure there are no discrepancies between what your paperwork says and what the trades or city have. If you’re able to pick up on the inconsistencies right at the beginning before it becomes an issue, it can make a real impact on the home and timelines. It can be all the difference between an upgrade getting put into the home properly. 

What characteristics does someone need to be successful at Mattamy?

Driven, hardworking, willing to learn, adaptable and a positive attitude. 

What has been your most meaningful experience since joining?

Growing from an Assistant Builder to a Builder. It means a lot to know that Mattamy saw the potential in me to rise into a senior position and become a Builder. 

What advice would you give to a new hire?

Work hard, keep a positive attitude, take advice, absorb as much information as possible, and accept any new learning experiences that come your way. 

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