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We're thinking about tomorrow so you can do the most right now. The future of living is about creating the life you aspire to in ways you’ve never imagined—starting at home and spreading to the world around you to make a change for the better.

So when you choose Mattamy, you’re choosing amenities that enrich your life, design that’s you-centric and a build quality that exceeds your high standards. From thoughtfully planned communities, to innovative home designs, to future-ready technology, we’re putting the future of living within your reach.

Communities That Thrive

Every aspect of our thoughtfully planned communities comes together to create more than just a nice place to buy a home or a beautiful view of nature. Whether you’re focused on fitness, connecting with your neighbours, activities for the kids, or all of the above, we offer amenities that shape your lifestyle. Our neighbourhoods also offer an enhanced lifestyle with access to green space that we actively foster and protect. Doing right by Mother Nature is part of doing right by our residents and we are committed to having not just a positive impact, but a significant one. Blending amenities, nature and sustainability, we’re building communities you’ll love coming home to.

Amenities for Living Brighter and Treading Lighter

Our forward-thinking amenities are designed to enrich every aspect of life, from work to play to living more green every day.

Homes That Fit You

A home shouldn’t be one size fits all. We design with the homeowner in mind: Smart technology that innovates your every day, a Product Design team who’s focused on what works best for you, and an indoor climate that’s always optimal.


Smart Living Made Easy

The future of living is smart. Innovations in home technology are already helping us reduce our emissions and save time and money. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Fernsby, you can enjoy smart living made easy with video doorbells, smart door locks and more. Plus, lower your energy bill by an average of 23% with your smart thermostat!


Designs That Flow

Every day is different. Your home should keep up with it all. Our architecturally-focused Product Design team designs homes for how you live with open-concept entertaining spaces and plenty of storage for all your treasures. Our approach to design puts you first with refined suite and interior layouts and beautiful exteriors that enhance the community streetscape.

Exterior Others

Climate Comfort

Through sustainable, practical and leading-edge innovations, home climate control is easy. More and more, we’re building our communities to integrate eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions into your life. Ground source heat pumps work with a geothermal system to transfer heat into the home or dissipate heat back into the ground. Through pipes that are buried and filled with a combination of natural heat and water, the fluid flows to the heat pump in your home to bring you warmth on the coldest days. In the summer, the flow is reversed to keep you cool. This means you can enjoy more stable year-round heating and cooling with less reliance on fossil fuels.

Future-Ready Homes

We believe in building it right the first time and take great care to construct homes that can stand up to our ever-changing world. As building codes become more rigorous and trends rapidly shift, we make sure to evolve with it all. Keeping an eye on where standards are headed and what homeowners value most, our mission is to build efficient, beautiful homes where you can settle in and do your thing.


While you enjoy living in the moment, your home is ready for the future. Here are some of the ways we’re leading by example in our industry to offer a higher quality of living sustainably.

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The Future, Today

Buying a home is choosing to pursue the life you aspire to live. At Mattamy, we bring the same degree of passion to building your dreams as you do so you can explore the future of living while defining what home means for you today.