Mattamy Homes Statement on Nelmar Drywall Incident

Updated: April 2021

Mattamy Homes has been made aware of an extremely inappropriate and entirely unacceptable incident that took place on Friday April 9 at a home under construction on one of our job sites, involving a Nelmar Drywall employee and subcontractors. 
We hold our trade partners to a high standard and insist that they conduct themselves professionally and ethically. Those standards were not met in this case, and the individuals in question behaved in a grossly inappropriate and reckless fashion. Nelmar has terminated their relationship with everyone involved, and this is a measure that we fully support.

Mattamy had no prior knowledge of the event and none of our employees were present, but we nonetheless regret that this incident took place at one of our sites. We will be reinforcing with all our trade partners our zero-tolerance policies and clear expectations regarding workplace code of conduct as well as our strict COVID-19 protocols. Internally we are also reviewing our site security procedures and will make whatever adjustments may be necessary.