Mattamy Homes Process for High Demand Sales Releases

Updated: March 2021

We want to provide some context and facts to set the record straight regarding recent Mattamy sales openings in the Greater Toronto Area.


COVID restrictions on in-person sales events along with a significant demand for new homes have combined to create many new challenges for both builders and buyers. We at Mattamy are doing our very best to deal with these challenges and ensure fairness for everyone.  At the same time, we recognize that under these circumstances, no process is going to be perfect. 


Once the virtual registration window opens for a sales release, the first emails received are the ones that get the first appointments, without exception.  Our homes are not “sold out” before the registration, nor are we providing any realtors/brokers with any special treatment or access. These are the facts.


With many of our recent releases, literally hundreds of emails are received by our system within the first minute of opening – in the case of our Wildflower Crossing community, we received more than 5,000 emails in total for a release of just 51 homes. This interest in our homes and communities is appreciated and humbling. But unfortunately we simply aren’t able to meet these unprecedented levels of demand.


We certainly appreciate that it can be frustrating when you react quickly and don’t get a spot. There are hundreds of other homebuyers in the same situation, and this is unfortunately the current reality of so much interest. We will continue to evaluate and refine our sales process as best we can and you can be confident Mattamy Homes is committed to be as efficient, transparent and fair as possible.



Team Mattamy Homes