The Sustainable Community of Tomorrow is Here Today at Bloom in Seaton

Kitchen with patterned wallpaper and a kitchen island with marble that drapes down the sides.

Imagine living in an energy-efficient home in a sustainable community with amenities that help you seamlessly and effortlessly reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Well, now you don’t have to just imagine it!


It’s good to be home in Bloom, an innovative new community of eco-friendly Townhomes in a well-established area of Pickering.

View from the bottom looking up at an old, large tree. Only the branches and leaves are visible.

Thoughtfully Designed Homes in a Sought-After Pickering Community

Mattamy Homes has a long history of building cherished communities in the Seaton area of Pickering. Famous for its small-town charm and surrounding 220 hectares of protected natural space, Seaton has become a highly sought-after place that many aspire to call home.


Offering a collection of thoughtfully designed Townhomes, Bloom in Seaton is designed to connect you to the wonders of nature, the goodness of neighbours, and the promise of a life in harmony with the environment.

Powered by Sustainable Energy

All Bloom in Seaton homes will be powered by a sustainable energy technology called GeoExchange.


GeoExchange is a tried-and-tested technology that harnesses energy from the ground to heat and cool your home without gas. In essence, the natural heat stored in the Earth is collected by an underground pipeline buried beneath the community, delivering year-round comfort and climate control.


Combined, GeoExchange and the quality build and efficient design of your Bloom Townhome makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint. As GeoExchange requires no fossil fuels to run, the system also frees you from heating and cooling bills that fluctuate with energy price increases tied to carbon tax.

Butterflies flying from flower to flower.

Inspired by Nature. Enriched by You.

Take a walk around Bloom and enjoy the beautifully planted rain gardens that are certain to catch your eye, including the colourful butterfly sanctuary, built in alignment with Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan’s Monarch Pledge to increase action and awareness to help the monarch butterfly thrive.


Along with the rain gardens, Bloom’s parking spaces and driveways are built using permeable interlocking pavers, allowing stormwater to flow easily back into the ground. Not only do they reduce runoff, they also eliminate the need for a storm sewer system and filter pollutants, which stick to the stones laid below the pavers until microorganisms break them down.

Stay Plugged In

As more Canadians opt to reduce their fuel consumption, hybrid or fully electric cars have become the new norm. Knowing this, the Bloom community has been designed with community EV charging stations.

A beekeeper pulling out honeycombs from a bee hive, with bees flying around.

Honey, I’m Home

One of the most unique features of Bloom has to be the community bee enclosures. Two beehives surrounded by a pollinator garden will be managed by an urban beekeeping firm to marvelously supply residents with harvested honey all year round. How cool is that?

Beautifully Sustainable Living

It’s easy to do right by the planet when the goodness is built right into your day-to-day. That’s the inspiration behind Bloom, a place where living the healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle that’s important to you is made easier thanks to thoughtful design and community amenities.


Make an investment in your future and in the planet. Consider an energy-efficient home in sustainable Bloom in Seaton.

Mattamy Homes in Pickering

Live brighter at Bloom in Seaton, a sustainable community in the beautiful Seaton area of Pickering, featuring innovative technology, natural amenities, and energy-efficient home designs.