A Message From Our Founder

Building homes with care and consideration for the environment, people and communities is nothing new for Mattamy Homes. It was important when we started the business in 1978, and it’s even more critical today. As the global impact of climate change becomes clear, we are now urgently committed to becoming industry leaders – through example and by sharing information and practical insights with our peers – in the battle against climate change.

Today, everywhere we operate, our business is focused on doing everything we can to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our company and our industry. The building industry is one of the planet’s most significant sources of CO2 emissions. The construction and operation of new residences and other buildings account for approximately 37% of global energy and process-related CO2 emissions.


You can look at the scale of that impact in several ways. It is clear that our industry has a responsibility to address GHG emissions; it is also clear that by changing how we do things, rethinking old practices and embracing new ideas, we can make a big difference. That’s how Mattamy is looking at this challenge – through the dual lens of responsibility and opportunity.


Sustainability is one of our core values, and we are actively embedding sustainability into everything we do – with a particular focus on the fight against climate change. I oversee this effort personally as Mattamy’s Chief Sustainability Officer, but it is not work I am doing alone.


Between August 2022 and June 2023, with members of my family, our leadership team and the Sustainability Committee of our Board of Directors, I travelled to all our divisions across North America. At each location, we held a workshop to help our people understand our commitment to reducing GHG emissions, to explain how they could contribute to that effort and to learn about the actions they already had underway.


At each visit, I was impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and great ideas that team members at every level of the organization brought to the meetings. This energy and commitment is now part of what they bring to work everyday. I am helping to lead this process, but our team members are driving it, and they will ensure we achieve our goals.


It’s been said that we are the first generation with the tools and technology to do something about climate change and the last generation that can. That’s a message I take to heart, as a founder and as a father and grandfather.


In 2023, Mattamy celebrates 45 years in business. During that time, we have helped provide homes and communities for hundreds of thousands of people. It is a legacy to be proud of, and today we are building on it through our commitment to sustainability, working toward a cleaner environment and striving to move the homebuilding industry forward in combatting climate change.