Help Make Your Home an Investment with a Legal Income Suite

Did you know that we build homes with legal income suites in our Stillwater community in Edmonton? If you're looking for a flexible home option that can cater to your needs, you'll want to learn about the benefits of a home with a legal income suite.

A person on a laptop looking at a legal income suites calculator page.
Greatroom with painting, fireplace and tile flooring

Additional Monthly Income

Our Stillwater community offers homes with legal income suites, giving you the opportunity to generate extra rental income to help offset your mortgage! A lucrative investment, a legal income suite will increase the value of your property when and if the time has come to move, as buyers are interested in properties that can generate revenue.

A cream coloured kitchen area with an island counter and TV.

Multi-generational Living

If you’re looking for a home that can accommodate multi-generational living – a home that has three or more generations under the same roof – you may want to consider a legal income suite. There are plenty of benefits to a separate suite for multi-generational living. The immediate perks include creating a private space for loved ones while sharing responsibilities and increasing quality time. The long-term benefit is that you’re increasing the value of your home.

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