Looking for a Place to Call Home? Find it in Ottawa’s Barrhaven

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Ask any homeowner or real estate agent: where you live and the amenities within reasonable distance of your home matter a lot when it comes to feeling like you’re part of a community that has your best interests at heart.


It’s no surprise, then, that Ottawa’s Barrhaven neighbourhood, located in the southwestern part of the city along the Jock River, has emerged as a sought-after community with an incredible amount to offer homebuyers.


The Ideal Mix of Everything

Finding the perfect place, in the exact spot you want to live, at the price you can afford, during the specific window of time you’re looking can be tough!


But with Barrhaven’s mix of city style, day-to-day conveniences and generous number of green spaces connecting you with nature, it truly delivers on the promise of a neighbourhood with a little bit of everything for everyone.     


Seeing Green

Given all of those pluses, you’re right to size up a home in Barrhaven as a wise investment. But that’s just the beginning of the green you’ll see once you live there.


With its proximity to the Rideau and Jock Rivers (known locally as the Mighty Jock), Barrhaven is encircled by an abundant amount of breathtaking green space. There are community parks close by – such as Half Moon Bay Park, River Run Park, Lamprey Park and Guinness Park – many of which feature elaborate play areas the kids will adore when it’s time for some outdoor fun.


And there’s the area’s undisputed crown jewel: the 5 km Stonebridge Trail running from Beryl Gaffney Park to the 24-acre WC Levesque Park. This wide gravel path lined by towering trees offers a great place to bike or take the dog for a walk, watch the ducks swimming near the riverbank, and just refill your personal well via the healing powers of Mother Nature.


The Amenities You Crave

What’s around the area might be easy to overlook when you’re micro-focused on the actual home you’re going to build or buy. But a wealth of amenities close to where you live is definitely one of those details you’ll appreciate once you’re all settled in.


In Barrhaven, everything you could ever want or need is within your reach, either a walk or a short drive away. Feast on a fantastic selection of dining options, take in the vibrant nightlife, duck into charming cafés, and sweat it out at local gyms and recreation facilities. For the dose of retail therapy you’re craving, find a multitude of stores and services in the nearby Barrhaven Town Centre mall and RioCan Marketplace.


And if you commute for work or enjoy going for a drive outside the city limits now and then, you’ve got easy access to highways so you’re never far from where you need or want to be. 


So, if you’re on the lookout for the perfect neighbourhood for your next move, Barrhaven will put a happy tick beside many of the wishes on your list. The new Promenade community in the heart of Barrhaven just announced a new release of Stacked Townhomes, Village Homes and Rear Lane Townhomes coming soon. Happy hunting!


Mattamy Homes in Barrhaven

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