Building Sustainable Futures Today: The Mattamy Way

A group of people around a board and projector screen watching a man point to different color post it notes on the board.

Case Study

At Mattamy, leaders set the tone from the top. From August 2022 to June 2023, we held 14 full-day workshops, led by Peter Gilgan, Luke Gilgan, Larry Nicholson, Brad Carr and Keith Bass.


Together, they shared their understanding of the importance of sustainability, the threat of climate change, and their commitment to making Mattamy an industry leader in the fight against climate change and reducing GHG emissions. Peter explained why this issue is profoundly personal but also essential for Mattamy as an ongoing business.


In exchange, the participants shared some initiatives they were working on to address environmental issues. In a critical component of every workshop, team members identified actions they or their departments could take, particularly regarding emissions reduction.


The workshops reaffirmed that team members are committed to reducing GHG emissions but also revealed gaps in understanding concerning the most effective actions to reduce those emissions. To help close those gaps, we held training sessions for all divisions focused on emissions associated with the materials we use to build our homes and the energy used for the operation of our homes while providing insights on implementing reductions.

"Collaboration is critical. Climate change is such a big problem and only by working together can we make more progress more quickly. We want real transparency, not only amongst ourselves but even with business competitors. Whatever we do, we want to share it. We’re fighting a global problem, and we’re only going to solve it if we work together."


Peter Gilgan

Chairman, CEO & CSO

Mattamy Asset Management